My name is Abby… and I am…

This is the eternal question, one of three that I endeavor to ask myself every day:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

Where I’ve been:

I do not label myself as an alcoholic, a drug addict, an anorexic or bulimic, a cutter, a woman who suffered with clinical depression or someone who has survived abuse. I may have had struggles with these issues in the past but as philosopher Soren Kierkegaard expressed, when you label a person, you negate them. Those destructive behaviors may have been present in my life at certain points but they are NOT who I am.

Who I am is perfect and whole exactly as I am in this moment, and this moment is the only moment that truly matters. The choices that I make now, and in every moment, are the ones that make a difference. As a woman who has fully recovered from several debilitating disorders and addictions, I have found Yoga to be the most transformative and healing vehicle to total wellness. Going in and out of the rooms of 12-step programs, anti-12 step programs, hospitals, various types of support groups, outpatient programs, and one-on-one therapy for years, I have found that although these methods absolutely serve their purpose, they are not always the healthiest environment for women in which to thrive, grow, and evolve. Similarly, in my history of attending group Yoga classes, I have learned a lot about asana and physical strength and resilience but not enough about emotional and spiritual strength and resilience.

Why I am here:

I know I am meant to be of service, and I have been guided to be of service specifically to other women who have suffered, are suffering, and those who may be treading dangerous waters in relation to addiction, abuse, and any form of self-harm. I have developed a program called Soul Work Yoga for Women with the intention of helping women navigate through the process of transformation with support and encouragement. Through my own experience of testing multiple models of recovery, I have gleaned what I believe to be the most important aspects of the healing process.

This program embodies a workshop series in which a group of women in a safe and protected environment can share their experiences openly, learn methods of living productively and passionately on a daily basis, and participate in community with each other through Yoga. Methods included are meditation, asana (physical yoga) practice, chanting or singing, pranayama, explanation of yogic philosophy, journal writing, visualization and other creative modalities.

Where I am going:

The goal of this workshop and the intention behind it is to bring women closer together by sharing our lives and our experiences with each other and identifying with our similarities rather than our differences. To connect with the fact that we need each other to bear our burdens, celebrate our achievements, and share in the responsibilities, consequences, and joys of being a woman in the world today. And last but never least, to let others know that no one needs to struggle alone, that each one of us matters beyond measure and that we can make a difference, whether individually or together, locally or globally, if we own and harness our power for the sake of benefitting the world on a larger scale.


My name is Abby and I am a physical representation of the divine, here now to seek knowledge, gain wisdom, and be of service to others, hopefully and joyfully reflecting to them the beauty and light of their own divinity.

Join me on the journey back to your whole Self.

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