First Soul Work Yoga Workshop coming to Shakti Rising on July 11th!

Soul Work Yoga for Women is a dynamic, powerful, and transformational program for newcomers to yoga and advanced practitioners alike. Through meditation, asana (physical yoga), chanting and singing, pranayama (breathing techniques), discussion of yogic philosophy, journal writing, visualization and other creative modalities, female participants have the opportunity to delve deeper into their yoga practice and life in general, exploring their own unique intentions and direction while growing and supporting one another in community.

The program will guide women through several structured themes, each class including a meditation and asana practice, a discussion, an activity, and an “at home” assignment to explore their experience further beyond the class time format. If you are looking for a deeper offering than your typical studio yoga class and are interested in seeking, learning, healing, transforming, and connecting with fellow like-minded women, this program is for you!

The class will be held every Thursday from 5pm-6:45pm for 12 weeks. We will go through one module every two weeks. The modules build on one another so it is recommended you take them all together but you also have options to enroll for Part 1 (first 3 modules), Part 2 (last 3 modules) or on a per module basis.


The entire workshop is $300 (all 6 modules, 1 module per 2 weeks)

Part 1 and Part 2 are $150 each

Individual modules are $75 each
The Six Modules are (in order): Acceptance, Surrender, Strength, Empowerment, Community, and Unlimited Possibilities

Please e-mail to register and feel free to e-mail me at with any additional questions and/or concerns and visit the Soul Work Yoga for Women Facebook Page at for updates and to stay connected. I look forward to guiding you through this transformational experience and helping you uncover your highest potential.

“A sorrow shared is halved and a Joy shared is doubled!”

Abby Vernon
Professional Yoga Teacher, RYT-500